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Complex renewable energy projects require expertise across multiple, interconnected fields, and coordination among them all.  Add in the ever-shifting political, regulatory, and utility landscape and it's no wonder so many clients choose Crown Road Energy to help make sense of it all.

We divide our core comptencies into four main categories:



We also combine these services in comprehensive, professional presentations.  And if that's not enough, we have long-term partnerships with leading renewable energy accounting firms, attorneys, and manufacturers to provide a turnkey solution to our clients.

Project Finance

Project Finance

Reduced installation costs and increased utility rates have been a boon to renewable energy project economics.  But more often than not, the large capital outlays these projects require are more than most customers are willing to pay in cash.


Because of this, more and more renewable energy customers finance their projects to provide positive cash-flow and reduce up-front capital needs.  


CRE partners with many types of financiers, providing:


  • Loans and Capital Leases

  • Operating Leases

  • Power Purchase Agreements ("PPAs")

  • Property Assessed Clean Energy ("PACE") loans

  • Tax equity investors


We can help determine the best option(s) for your customer based taxable status, financial situation, type of business, and business objectives.  We can also help determine which makes the most sense for you depending on your own needs and objectives.


Finally, CRE never takes a "broker" or "finder" for any projects funded through our partners.

Energy Analytics

Energy Analytics

Today's complicated utility rate schedules require a deep understanding of a wide range of variables – and the ability analyze them all accurately.  Some variables include:


  • Rate tiers

  • Time-of-Delivery

  • Separation of Energy and Demand fees

  • Non-recoverable charges (esp. CA NEM 2.0)

  • Net Energy Metering (including 2.0, virtual, and aggregate)

  • Peak Day / Critical Peak Pricing


In addition to the usage side of the equation, renewable energy's non-uniform energy production adds another layer of complexity.  CRE uses PVSyst and 8760 data to run accurate energy generation analytics.


And, as costs decrease and government incentives increase, energy storage is becoming more prevalent in the market – another area CRE can help.


CRE has years of experience analyzing all of these factors and generating clear, usable data.  That data can then be presented to the end-user or further used in System Design, Financial Modeling, and customer-facing proposals.

System Design

System Design

System Design typically starts with Energy Analytics to optimize the best system for a customer.  For more complicated utility structures or when energy storage is included, the tariffs and usage profiles play a major role in System Design.


Leveraging that information, CRE provides a range of design services including:


  • System Sizing (based on proper utility factors)

  • System Optimization (tilt, orientation, tracker vs. fixed, etc.)

  • String Sizing (string-level or central inverters)

  • Energy Simulations (PVSyst and 8760 data)

  • To-scale layouts with proper dimensions

  • 3D Computer renderings


Proper System Design provides the vital information needed to determine technical feasibility, meet jurisdictional requirements, and ultimately prepare the project for construction.    


A well designed system provides crucial project data, including space, structural and material requirements, and system performance profiles.  It enables your company to more accurately determine associated project costs and more confidently provide a proposal to your customer.

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling

Financial Modeling incorporates various Project Finance options, complex Energy Analytics, and accurate System Design into a single representation of project economics.


CRE provides Financial Modeling for both our clients' end-user customers as well as developers and investors looking to build their own project funds.  


We incorporate all relevant tax implications (ITC, MACRS + 50% bonus depreciation), utility rate expecatations, loan interest impacts, and IRS rules that impact 3rd party investments in PPAs and operating leases.


Our modeling capabilities include:


  • On-balance sheet pro formas

  • 3rd-party owned pro formas

  • Single project investor models

  • Mutli-project fund models

  • Excel-based modeling tools


Our highly detailed and accurate Financial Modeling will help you, your customers, and your investors feel confident they are making the right decision.



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