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Crown Road Energy, LLC was founded in 2013 to provide financial, technical, and analytical expertise to commercial, municipal, and utility developers, contractors, and end-users to further the growth of renewable energy.


Since our inception, Crown Road Energy has enabled a wide variety of clients to achieve and exceed their business goals.  We have worked alongside contractors on a continual basis for multiple years, we've worked with clients on individual projects, created complex financial models, and added bandwidth to others when they needed it most.


Our partnership options are completely flexible so whether you need assistance getting an RFP out the door, need a few months of development support, or are looking for a long-term partner, CRE has the solution for you.


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Pete Shepherd, Founder & Principal

Pete brings over ten years of direct renewable enegy experience to Crown Road Energy.  His previous positions include structured finance and development positions at SolarWorld Amercias, working with National Renewable Energy Laboratory ("NREL"), and business development at Solar Depot (now Soligent).  He also has more than 10 years of business development experience in highly complex systems from the IT, telecommunications, and enterprise software industries.  


Pete graduated with a BA in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an MBA with honors with a focus in Energy and Finance from the University of Colorado, Boulder.

Alex McGovern, Energy Analyst

Alex came to Crown Road Energy in 2015 with a background in engineering, project management, and computer aided deign (CAD).  In his current position, he runs day-to-day Energy Analytics and System Design for many of our clients.


Alex graduated from the University of Delaware with a Bachelors of Science in Environmental Engineering.

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