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We understand you have many options when seeking renewable energy development support – and that you need to make every dollar count. 


In addition to a breadth and depth of expertise in the field, Crown Road Energy offers four key advantages that will enable your company to exceed in a competitive market. 



Contact us today to see how CRE can become your competitive advantage.



Successful renewable energy development requires an intimate understanding of a multitude of factors associated with each project.  Efficient planning and accurate anticipation of project milestones comes only through relevant experience – Crown Road Energy has years of it.


Our staff has over seven years of direct renewable energy development, structured finance, system design, and energy analysis experience.  We’ve worked with dozens of project developers and have helped our clients close over 50 megawatts across more than 35 projects.  


Our resume of successful projects includes multi-megawatt utility-scale systems, community solar, mid-sized commercial, and small non-profit projects – developed by many different clients across many different states.  We understand the varied nuances of each and adapt quickly to help you win the project.


With an additional decade of outside sales and business development experience under our belt, our staff keenly understands the sales process and what it takes to be successful.  While cash may be king, customers look at more than the bottom line.  CRE can optimize the key criteria of your project and increase your chances of closing the deal.



At Crown Road Energy, we pride ourselves on professionalism.  Professionalism can come in many forms, to us it means:


A strong work ethic: We work hard to get the job done under any circumstance.


Integrity: We conduct ourselves with honest and transparency, and keep our promises.


Precision: We sweat the small stuff.  We consider every detail and strive for perfection.


Quality: We provide a product you can be proud of, and confident presenting to others.


Consistency: We do all of this, every time, for all of our clients.


Adhering to our professional code has helped us build a strong reputation in the industry, and most especially, with our clients.  We look forward to demonstrating what CRE can do for you.





In an industry as dynamic as renewable energy, flexibility is paramount.  Ever-changing utility rates, government regulations, fluctuating equipment pricing, and seasonality are just a few issues that require your company to remain as nimble as possible.


An arduous hiring process, W-2 employment ramifications, or headcount issues shouldn't be an impediment to your ability to move quickly and grow.  Crown Road Energy can help you avoid those hurdles to get the job done on time and on budget.


Some of our partnership options include:


Long-term commitments: Typically the lowest hourly rates.


As-needed basis: Higher hourly rates, but 100% flexible use.


Per-project engagements: When quick expertise or bandwidth is needed.


CRE has successfully engaged in each of these options.  Our company is a registered LLC and our partnerships are always structured as a vendor / client relationship so there is no ambiguity about employment.  




Already have all of the services you need in-house?  


Some of our clients do as well – but they work with Crown Road Energy for additional bandwidth when their internal resources are tapped out.


CRE can fill in the gaps when you:


Have a project that requires increased manpower


Are in the process of hiring and training a new employee


Need specific expertise for a short period


Our years of working with clients of all shapes and sizes have taught us how to adapt quickly and add value from day one.  


With CRE, there is no need to burn out employees, miss an important deadline, or let revenue pass you by due to insufficient manpower.  


Contact us today to learn more.



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